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Welcome To My Page O' Nothing!

Well, not nothing, just a bunch of pointless junk!  Doesn't that sound like fun?

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(aka the bulk of it all, I have lots of links and nothing else!)

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I'm a minon of Jojo!

the following thingies are completely pointless:

and so ends the madness.  

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I like email, quite a bit in fact.  If you're reading this, why not send me a fun link to something, or just talk at me.
Heck, maybe you have even have a question for me!  I like questions and they will get answered.
I get bored.  So bored in fact that I'll even write you back, and who knows, it might be humorous!

(The more your email amuses me, the more the reply will amuse you.  Effort and all that.)

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